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    Spiced Double Chocolate Loaf

    Decadent chocolate laced with warm cinnamon spice – This vegan Spiced Double Chocolate Loaf is bursting with flavour and perfect for the colder winter months and holiday season!​

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    Roasted Tahini Brussel Sprouts

    Beautifully Roasted Tahini Brussel Sprouts that are oil free! These tasty little gems are perfect as side dish, and are even great to add into your weekly meal prep line up!

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    5 Awesome Vegan Sauce Recipes

    5 easy to make vegan sauces that are all oil and refined sugar free! When I first went plant-based, I quickly learned that the better you are at coming up with fun sauces, the easier the transition is. Now, not everyone will agree with me, however that was my reality. It still is actually, I […]